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Bedding 101: Shams

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We love working with clients to design the perfect bedroom and one of our favorite parts is selecting the right bedding. Shams stand out as a key element that not only anchors the look of the bed but also typically adds the perfect neutral background to patterned throw pillows, duvets and quilts. Today, let's chat about some common questions that often arise when we recommend adding shams!

How Many Shams Should There Be?

One of the first questions that come to mind is, how many shams are enough? The answer depends on the size of your bed. For a standard or queen-sized bed, two shams are usually sufficient. King-sized beds, on the other hand, benefit most from three shams. This arrangement creates a balanced and visually appealing look, providing both comfort and aesthetics.

What Size Sham is Ideal?

Selecting the right size sham is crucial for achieving a polished and cohesive look. Standard shams typically measure 20x26 inches, while king shams are larger at 20x36 inches. We love using standard and king shams as pillows in front of euro shams. "Euros," as we call them, with their square shape, often come in 26x26 inches. We recommend two for a standard/ queen bed and a trio for a king. Layer these sizes to create depth and dimension in your bedding ensemble.

Our Number One Recommended Inserts

To ensure your shams maintain their plush and inviting look, it's essential to invest in quality inserts. Our number one recommendation is a high-quality, down-alternative insert from Pottery Barn (and king size from West Elm). These inserts provide the perfect balance of softness and support, creating a luxury look for your bedroom.

Neutral vs Patterned Covers

When it comes to selecting covers for your euro shams, neutral tones offer timeless elegance that seamlessly blend with various design styles. Consider soft whites, calming grays, or subtle beige for a sophisticated and versatile look. Neutral euro covers provide a solid foundation, allowing you to play with accent colors through throws, decorative pillows, and other elements. For the standard and king sizes, we have linked a few patterns we are currently loving!

SMI's Neutral Picks

SMI's Patterned Picks

At Shelby Mae Interiors, we understand that navigating through these choices can be overwhelming. That's why we're here to help you every step of the way! We offer digital design services tailored to your unique preferences and space. Feel free to reach out to us through our website,, and let us provide personalized bedding suggestions that elevate the comfort and style of your bedroom.

Designing your dream bedroom has never been this easy – let's make your vision a reality together!

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