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March - What We're Reading this Month

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Thank you so much for reading and supporting our blog!

We are big readers over here at SMI - each month we will share what we are reading with a little bonus of what our littles are reading as well!

12 year old, Bird, will steal your heart in this one! He is a boy in a hopeful and rebellious search to find his mother. His mother is a Chinese American poet who left their family 3 years ago. This story exemplifies racial oppression, motherhood, and the redeeming power of story and myth.

This book is a journey of one mother's story - that is unraveled to her children through video and letter after her death. It is a heartwarming + raw journey that reveals the depths of love we have for our family ( & friends that become family). Follow along closely for this one, it is full of characters and connections that you won't want to miss!

This book is a beautiful representation of lifelong friendship. The story starts where the two first meet as children and it carries them through to their adult years - filled with success, heartbreak, and the tenderness of having someone that has truly known every single version of you. This book is worth every bit of the hype!

This sweet + nostalgic love story goes back and forth through time from years as childhood friends to a weekend as reunited adults. It dives into loving and complicated family relationships and will remind you of summers at the lake. This is a perfect read to kick- off the warmer weather ahead!

This is a favorite here at SMI! Our designer, Katie, has a two year old son that just adores this book! It's perfect for any toddler that loves construction and trucks - and bedtime stories!

An interactive kid's book that is sure to light up your child's face! This touch and feel book show's different jungle animals and the fun sounds that they make. Don't Tickle the Lion is an Otis Birchard favorite!

Comment below with your suggestions for us to read next month!

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