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Styling with Books

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Here at SMI, we love reading. We love to sit down with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. That is why we are writing about how to have your books both accessible + beautifully styled in your home.

Let's start with our favorite book styling location, the coffee table.

Your coffee table is the ideal location to show off an aesthetically pleasing stack of books. The book should be larger, thicker, and of neutral color. The subject should be attention grabbing and appropriate for all guests. This type of book also makes for a great gift for a friend. (hint hint - shop our favorite coffee table books below for a perfect Christmas gift)

The books should be stacked and layered with a decorative object on top. Ideas include a geometric sphere, candle, small vase, or a photo frame. The stack of books can be the focal point + centered on the table. They can also be off-centered and displayed as an accent to the table's decor.

Next, let's talk how to best layout books on shelves.

Built in shelves and floating shelves are two of our clients biggest areas of struggle. Lucky for them, we love playing around with shelf decor. Books are one of our must haves when loading up for any project installs that have shelving!

Alongside books, we love layering shelves with personal items. Our goal is for practicality & beauty. If your goal is to showcase books titles, line them up vertically and arrange from tallest to shortest. Looking to keep the decor neutral and minimal? Flip books around. Hiding the spine allows for less words and more books!

Stacking & displaying books is an opportunity to play into your space's design style. It is also an opportunity to play into your holiday decor. Is it Thanksgiving time? Line your child's bookcase with books of gratitude, paired with seasonal felt garland.

Let's not forget about console tables + end tables + nightstands

These are often missed opportunities when homeowner's style themselves. See photos below of how to tastefully incorporate books into each of these furnishing pieces decor.

Shop below to purchase furniture items that give you maximum opportunity for styling books.

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