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Our Favorite Cool Grays

Cool grays bring a crisp + modern feel to a room that we love so much here at SMI. We are sharing our three favorites in this category to inspire your next painting project!

1. Passive

This color by Sherwin Williams is the perfect addition to any main space in your home. Acting as a white alternative, Passive brightens up any space and goes beautifully with rich blue accents and contrasts nicely with white trim.

We love Passive for the client that is looking to brighten up a whole level of their home or is looking for a spa-like feel in their bathroom!

2. Light French Gray

Light French Gray holds a soft spot in our hearts here at SMI! We wrapped up a gorgeous office project in 2022 that was complete with a whole wall of cabinetry painted in, you guessed it, Light French Gray! We love how it contrasts with black modern accents- especially the fun cabinet pulls we added to the built- ins!

This color is the perfect addition to the client's home that leans towards a more modern style, like Crate + Barrel- did we mention we also love it paired with a gorgeous cognac leather?

3. Tin Lizzie

This darker cool gray is gorgeous on cabinetry- a Maple Grove kitchen boasts this beautiful color per our recommendation! We love that it can be used as both an accent against white or as entire statement wall.

Tin Lizzie is perfect for the client that wants to take a leap in adding accents to their home without going too dark!

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