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Design Trend: Morning Room

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Does your dining room sit empty most days? Does the room in the front of your home seem to keep its vacuum lines year round? We are so excited to tell you about a new design trend that is transforming those spaces into a place to relax, sip coffee and prepare for the day ahead!

Introducing: The Morning Room

Typically, these rooms are right off of the entry way and currently serve as a dining space, office or even a playroom. If you want to make the space more functional for your day to day life, a morning room is the perfect way to do just that! The first place to start is with comfortable seating! A comfortable swivel chair is our favorite way to add seating to a room. Add a pouf or coffee table to rest your feet on and you have the perfect set-up for your morning cup of tea.

A definite perk of a space like a morning room is the chance to create a conversation space that is screen free! We love any excuse to have a technology free space to clear our minds and connect with the people we love most.

Of course, the morning room can be used both day and night for alone time to start the day or to chat with friends over a charcuterie board after work. We also love the idea of using the space to have a short morning meeting with our partners to go over plans for the day.

Shop our favorite morning room chairs below:

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