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Design Trend: Halloween Mantel

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As we enter October, we aren't quite ready for visions of sugarplums and stockings on our mantels here at SMI- but we are ready for pumpkins! Holiday mantels are the perfect way to infuse the spirit of the season into your home. See our top tips for your Halloween mantel below!

Mini Pumpkins

These little guys pack a big punch when it comes to Halloween decor! They bring great color to any space and double as the perfect thing to paint to end the Halloween season! Trader Joe's is our favorite place to pick these up!


Don't underestimate the power of a little garland, even at Halloween! Your littles can help craft the perfect DIY garland as a fun project. This year, we are really loving felt ball garland, it's so easy to store and use year after year!

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Shop our favorite garland below:


Decorative little bats are the perfect amount of spooky! They are easily picked up at any craft store and are another great decor item to use each year. Whether you place a few bats or a whole flying colony, your home is sure to be in the spirit!

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Shop our favorite bats below:

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