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Fox Hollow Home

The vision for this main floor remodel was to create a space that seamlessly blends elegance with comfort, making it the perfect backdrop for our client's new chapter in their home.


The project began with a focus on the foundation of the space. We replaced the flooring with gorgeous new hardwood, infusing warmth and character into every corner of the home. Next, we turned our attention to the walls, meticulously selecting paint colors to enhance the natural light and evoke a sense of tranquility. Soft neutrals and subtle hues were chosen to create a cohesive backdrop for the curated furnishings and decor.


Cabinetry received a fresh new look as well, with carefully chosen paint colors that added a touch of personality to the kitchen and bathrooms while complementing the overall aesthetic of the space.


With the foundation in place, it was time to curate the furnishings and decor. From plush sofas and cozy area rugs to statement lighting and accent pieces, every detail was thoughtfully selected to reflect the client's style and lifestyle.




St. Michael, MN

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